Company Agrikol can offer you different systems of heating depending of theHeating system in glasshouse surface, crops, location, period of growing. According to your needs we will propose you the best solution adapted to growing condition. We can propose fix and mobile systems of heating for greenhouses aiming to reduc heat and energy losses reducing the same time cost of greenhouse running. Combination with tube rail heating and gas boiler CO2 system.

Growlight system

For growing during winter time, to increase yield point. We install high tech system of horticultural lightening adapted to the type of crops to enhance photosynthesis. Highly efficient grow lamps providing full-spectrum light. Sodium bulbs, Ceramic Metallhalogen bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs. Complete independent system to lift or lower lighting system. Proper design and reliability.


We can offer a wide range of irrigation systems for greenhouses with fertirrigation for soil and soilless growing. Pressure compensated dripper. Very accurate performance and uniformity. Accurate dosing of crop protection liquids. Pump units. Fresh water storage tanks. Rain water storage tanks. Computerized programs of recipes making.

Other equipment for greenhouses

Pumps – electrical and heat pumps, the system is fully controlled and adapted to your needs.

Screens – termal protection and black-out effects to save energz, improve moisture and climate control.

Refrigeration system – usage of overhead irrigation systems have a huge advantages in plastic and glass greenhouse during the summer and during the winter time. Reducing of internal temperature, increasing of humidity, refreshing of the air are some of advantages.

Recirculation fans – mixing of air inside the greenhouse to achieve a more equal climate.

Benches – fix and mobile benches, made of aluminium or galvanised net combined with different system of irrigation and ferti-irrigation, Possibility to install hot water heating system, Different dimensions according to the needs and dimensions of bays.

Data Management system – for complete greenhouse data management.


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